Back to the Future Part 2 predicted that Donald Trump would be president

20 Sep

…but they called him Biff Tannen. Think about it: that film franchise was WAY ahead of its time: hoover boards, Reagan worship, wearable technology…did I mention Reagan worship (I’m lookin’ at you, last GOP presidential debate). If Trump wins this election, just imagine being Mary McFly and feeling completely f***ed. That is all.  

Haloweenie is coming. What are you going to be?

24 Oct

Haloweenie is coming. What are you going to be?

Time for Halloween again. What are you going to be? If the last minute costume dilemma has you sweating, take a tip from your junk. Be your junk! xoJane has assembled an awesome gallery of penis based costumes for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the Snake charmer below:   If you’re not into the […]

Recipe for cat food cupackes

15 Aug

The strangest thing happened to me the other night, you guys. While asleep in my bedroom chambers in the wee hours of the morning, in an Ebeneezer Scrooge-style nightgown and long sleeping cap and all, a wild eyed fifth grader appeared to me as if a ghost, hovering over my bed, proclaiming: “I have been […]

The Adventures of Pete & Pete, revisited

27 Jul

The Adventures of Pete & Pete, revisited

When I found out that the people at FYF fest, an LA-based music festival that consistently books some of my favorite bands from the ‘90s, was hosting a reunion for the cast of Nickelodeon’s Pete & Pete, one of my all-time favorite TV shows from the ‘90s, I had to freak out. I had to […]

Porn or Apparel? You be the judge! (NSFW)

29 Jun

Porn or Apparel? You be the judge! (NSFW)

Play this awesome game, is it porn or an American Apparel Ad?

TRENDSPLOSION: Riot, Rave, Revenue and a Shout Out to Socrates

8 Jun

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s new opus “No Church in the Wild” is super catchy. So catchy it’s already being used to sell things (recognize it from the Great Gatsby trailer?). The video, directed by Romain Gavras, who brought you the video for M.I.A.’s “Born Free”, is equally catchy, a tasty atmospheric buffet of carefully framed […]